Setting the record straight on Canadian Stereotypes

Canada is a pretty easy country to make fun of, eh? We’re more or less treated as the friendlier and slightly weirder cousin of the United States (or saner, depending…

home for the holidays

If you’re the proud parent of a college or university student, you know the holiday season often brings both excitement and stress if they’re coming home to visit. What will…

january 2019 accora centre highlights

News 12/18/2018

January Programming & Events Open House — January 7-13 Enjoy unlimited FREE access to the Accora Centre cardio room, fitness studio, weight room, and all Platinum programs. Ages 16+ (16-17-year-old residents…

Tasty burger and fries

Accora Village has over 8,000 residents and close to 140 employees. When they get hungry, they search for the best restaurants in the west-end. Some are old favourites, others new…

10 Life Moments that Only Parents Can Understand

If you’re a parent, you know how rewarding it can be to raise children. From the moment they enter this big, ever-changing world, you need to be the guiding voice…

December 2018 Accora Centre Highlights

News 11/14/2018

Snowshoeing at Accora Snowshoe rentals are now available! Come by the Accora Centre and get set to explore the trails with your family. December Programming & Events Letters to Santa…

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