We’re keeping it green in your community.

The Green Plan

  • With sophisticated energy meters installed in all of our suites, we can collect and analyze utility consumption to further decrease our usage.
  • Our buildings are being retrofitted with energy-efficient windows that reduce air leakage and increase resident comfort and happiness.
  • We have replaced more than 20,000 light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs.
  • On six of our townhome blocks, we have installed solar panels, which will produce over 70,000 kwh/year of clean electricity!
  • In 2013, we installed a cutting-edge Ground Source Heat Pump in Cobalt, which has led to an 80% reduction in natural gas emissions and allowed for air conditioning to be featured in all suites.
  • We’ve replaced existing fixtures with water-saving models, including low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets.
  • All of our existing front-end load containers will be replaced with Earth Bins, keeping animals out and odors in, while still looking great (for a garbage bin).
  • Our apartment buildings now feature tri-sorters, instead of traditional garbage chutes, which enable our residents to properly sort their waste by paper, plastic, and garbage. This has allowed our community to divert nearly 50% of our waste into recyclables.

Green Community Facts

Over a 3 year

Accora Village used

6% less

That’s enough energy to power over 85 single-family homes for a year.

The energy and water
saved since inception

also represents a3%

in greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s the equivalent to removing 42 passenger cars from the road for a year.

Over a 3 year

Accora Village used

6% less

That’s like saving 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

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