OC Transpo Accessibility

Since we offer comfortable and revitalized units with convenient access to Ottawa’s public transit system, many of our residents choose to use OC Transpo on a regular basis. It’s never been easier to get to and from Accora Village — but to help make it even that much simpler, here’s everything you need to know about OC Transpo if you live in Accora Village.

Which Buses Stop In or Near Accora Village?

  • Routes 85, 658, and 669 make various stops along Woodridge Crescent.
  • Routes 82,97,152,173, and 691 stop at Woodridge/Bayshore Station.
  • Routes 85, 152, and 658 stop along Carling Avenue, bordering the north edge of Accora Village.
  • About 40 routes make regular stops at Bayshore Station (on the transitway) next door to Bayshore Shopping Centre.

Which Major OC Transpo Hubs Are Nearby?

From Accora Village, it’s a short walk south to Bayshore Station. Here, you can board a number of eastbound and westbound routes, many of which follow the Transitway to other major hubs including Mackenzie King Station and Terry Fox Station.

Using the Transitway

If bussing west from Bayshore Station, routes that use the Transitway will stop at Moodie, Eagleson, Teron, Kanata North, Terry Fox, the Canadian Tire Centre, and in Stittsville. Eastbound Transitway routes branch off to enable convenient access to the downtown core, the east end, and Ottawa South.

For more information, consult the Transitway map.

OC Transpo station

Station and Area Maps

View the Bayshore Station layout map to find out where to catch specific OC Transpo routes. Alternatively, take a look at the Bayshore area map to view the surrounding road layout.

OC Transpo Fares

There are a few ways to purchase fares for OC Transpo.

Adult fares are as follows:

  • Cash: $3.50 (includes proof of purchase that can be used as a transfer)
  • PRESTO e-purse: $3.45 (includes a digital transfer)
  • ParaPay: $3.45
  • DayPass: $10.50
  • Monthly Pass: $116.50

To purchase passes, visit this page for details on authorized locations.
Click here to view senior fares and discounts.

PRESTO Card Information

The City of Ottawa and OC Transpo have switched to PRESTO cards as the new standard for fares. These are reloadable (monthly passes available), highly convenient cards that feature a tap functionality. When boarding, just tap your card at the green PRESTO devices inside the front or side entrances of the vehicle to pay. There’s no need to worry about transfers or coins this way.

You can reload your PRESTO card online or at one of many customer service outlets.

Presto Card

Great Apps to Help You Find Your Way

If you want to have access to route info and transit maps to figure out how long it will take to get where you need to go, visit OC Transpo’s smartphone app list to choose one that suits your needs.

Our top recommendations from the link above are as follows:

MyTransit: OC Transpo’s official transit app, complete with up-to-date info on route changes, delays, a trip planner, and more.
BusBuddy: Similar to OC Transpo’s app, but sometimes even more accurate.

We also recommend using Google Maps to plan your transit travels, as you will obtain an accurate estimate of travel time (not counting accidents or delays).


Para Transpo offers a shared-ride public transit service that is booked in advance for those with special accessibility-related needs. They can accommodate most wheelchairs and scooters (please note there are size limitations).

Visit the Para Transpo page for detailed information and to download the application form.


OC Transpo’s card-free payment system, ParaPay, is available for those with special needs who use Para Transpo services. Simply open an account, load funds or a pass, then book the trips you need and ride. This means you don’t need a PRESTO card, tickets, or cash.

Click here to open a ParaPay account and for more important details.

Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Accora Village

The first phase of the LRT project appears to be set for a 2019 opening date, meaning riders will soon be able to bypass traffic jams and commute even more quickly. Access to the LRT service from the Accora Village and Bayshore area will begin in 2023 when expansions of the service are carried out. For more information on the Confederation Line West expansion, click here.

Ottawa Light Rail

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