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10 Life Moments that Only Parents Can Understand

10 Life Moments that Only Parents Can Understand

If you’re a parent, you know how rewarding it can be to raise children. From the moment they enter this big, ever-changing world, you need to be the guiding voice that nudges them in the right direction. Therefore, any parent will freely admit that there are all sorts of life moments that only someone raising a child can understand.

Many of our very own family members at Accora Village are parents themselves, so this list felt especially enjoyable and nostalgic for us to compile. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The First Words

first words


Whether it’s “Dada,” “Mama,” or “BANG” (prepare your nose for the worst if you hear that last one), nothing is more exciting than hearing your child’s first words. It’s their first introduction to a world of knowledge, opening the gateway to reading, writing, learning, and so much more. That warm and fuzzy feeling when they start talking for the first time is really a one-time deal, so be sure to make the most of it — you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!

The First Steps

first steps


The chances are that if your child is ready to talk the talk, it could be nearly time for them to walk the walk! Seeing them take those first few steps usually makes everyone in the room stop, whip out their phones, and film away. It’s an incredibly inspiring and emotional feeling when they can come over to you for the first time on their own. Whether you envision them as the next Sidney Crosby, Christiano Ronaldo, or Serena Williams, this is the beginning!

The First Day of School

first day of school


There’s nothing harder for a parent than to trust the well-being of their kids in a place they can’t be with them all day. School will expose them to all sorts of new sights, sounds, and learning experiences, all of which can seem really weird to a little mind! We can’t deny that it’s hard to see them off on their first day, but it’s also important to remember how much good it’ll do to expose our kids to new things! Just, you know, keep the tissues handy and try to compose yourself as best as possible.

Help with Homework

help with homework


Even if you’re not a math wizard, history major, or bilingual, it always feels fulfilling to sit down with your kids and help them get their homework done. Share a few laughs and problem-solve together to make the very most out of what could otherwise be a dull and uninspiring experience for them. Nobody really likes homework, so tackling it together means making memories as well as solutions!

Bonding Over a Hobby

bonding over a hobby


Whether LEGO, retro video games, soccer, or otherwise, if you and your children share a hobby, it’s a fantastic feeling. Surprising each other by sharing a love for something is a blast, as it gives you something to spend quality time on with them — they may even teach you a thing or two! Try topping the feeling of your child placing that last block on the LEGO castle they’ve been building with you for days while sharing stories and making each other laugh along the way — it won’t be easy!

Those Awkward Teenage Years

those awkward teenage years


From “the talk” to helping them feel less out of place, raising teenagers is one of the biggest challenges any parent will experience. However, there are so many rewards for doing so, and you can’t help but feel like a superhero by the time they graduate high school. All parents who raise teenagers end up with a mixture of feelings — pride, success, and a fair bit of exhaustion — after completing a long journey filled with emotional outbursts, door-slamming, apologies, hugs, and ever-tighter bonds.




The first time you travel with your kids is a special moment. It makes you feel like a really amazing person for giving them the chance to see more of the world, especially if they end up loving it! The chances are that they’ll want to travel more often, however, so both you and your credit card should prepare well in advance. Just a heads-up.

Their First Date

their first date


From standing in the doorway behind them like a fierce mother bear to those frantic check-ins via text to make sure they’re okay, the first date is always a toughie for both parents and their kids. Still, you end up feeling better after they come home, possibly blushing and feeling great about themselves. It’s a sign that they’re ready for the world!

Teaching them to Drive (While You Recoil in Fear)

teaching them to drive


Ah, the first driving lessons — complete with all the bumps and bruises that traditionally come with them. Staying calm and composed is a challenge here, no doubt, but the less you panic and freak out and the more you let your children develop a stronger sense of responsibility, the better.

That being said, wincing out of fear once or twice is normal in any parent’s eyes (especially when it comes to that first parallel parking attempt).

Off to College

off to college


It feels just like yesterday (or a few paragraphs ago) that you said goodbye to your child as they boarded the school bus for the first time. Now, with them heading off to college, those feelings come flooding back but with a new addition: pride (to the point where you could basically explode). Get those tissues handy again for when they hop in the car, blasting their music with an excited look etched on their faces! Every parent dreads the moment when their kids leave the nest, but absolutely nothing beats the feeling of “We did well” that accompanies the sight of them headed to college.

These are just a few of the many, many moments only parents could possibly understand. Bonding with your children, raising them through stressful years to help them become responsible adults, then seeing them create their own destinies is a highly rewarding and humbling experience. Pat yourself on the back, fellow parents, for a job well done!