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Finding the perfect apartment can be both exciting and overwhelming. To make the process smoother and ensure you find a home that suits your needs, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly for your apartment viewing. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps before, during, and after the viewing to help you make an informed[...]
Individualized coaching is key to enhancing skills and meeting personal goals. Michelle Cosh, our Director of Human Resources here at Accora Village, underscores the importance of 1-1 coaching over group sessions, showcasing its role in boosting talent retention, productivity, and organizational growth by tailoring to individual needs. Check out the article here!
Ottawa is an idyllic location for families to travel to, no matter the season! Our Customer Experience Manager, Jennifer Nason, wrote down some of the top free things for families to do in Ottawa, in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Check out the article here!
We’ve all heard about the unique challenges of living with roommates. For some, it can be the best living experience they’ve ever had. For others, not so much. Generally, renting with roommates can offer many benefits, like cost-savings and the possibility of friendship. However, navigating shared spaces can be difficult without the proper roommate etiquette.[...]
Written by: Erin Rouble In recent years, the terms “hustle” and “grind” have been synonymous with ambition and success, suggesting that continuous work is the key to achieving your goals. This culture also links a person’s value to their productivity, but it often sacrifices individual well-being. How can employers break free from this toxic cycle[...]
Renting a new home is more than just a transaction; it’s an adventure influenced by the seasons. Timing is crucial in this journey—each period of the year brings its own pros and cons, shaping your experience as a renter in unique ways. In this blog, we’ll explore the best time of year to move and[...]


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