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16 Thoughts Every College Student in Ottawa Has During First Semester

16 Thoughts Every College Student in Ottawa Has During First Semester

September is now coming to an end. For college and university students in our beautiful nation’s capital, it’s time to buckle down and shift gears “into” school mode. 🙂

Whether you’re in the first couple years of your studies, a freshman experiencing your first ever post-secondary semester, or a seasoned grad-student, we hope you enjoy this list of thoughts every student will remember having during their first semester of the year. So, finish your Fortnite game and get ready to procrastinate on something different for a while.

At the Beginning of the Semester

“I’m going to show up to class every day looking my best!”

Every student starts the semester thinking somehow they’ll find the time to dress well and look great for all their 8:00 a.m. lectures (until reality sets in by week four and they start rolling into class in their favourite hoodies and sweatpants). After all, who wants to be all dressed up on the #85?

“I’m going to ace all my classes this semester!”

you tried


It’s excellent to set ambitious goals, but remember to stay realistic and set attainable, reasonable goals for yourself — set yourself up for success, not failure!”

“I’m going to go to the gym four times a week all semester long!”

gym giphy


This is said by every student at the beginning of every semester, ever. While we’d all love to look like Chris Hemsworth, the reality is 95 percent of us will look more or less the exact same by the semester’s end — and that’s okay!

“I’m really going to cut down on my Fortnite playing and focus on school.”

16 thoughts fortnite


“Why are all my classes on opposite sides of the Earth?”


Have you ever had to sprint 15 minutes across the entire Ottawa U campus just to be able to make it to a back-to-back class in time? No matter what, don’t even start thinking about the benefits of getting a longboard or rollerblades. You don’t need the ridicule in your life. Just don’t do it.

By the End of the Semester

“Why on Earth does this class start at 8:00 a.m.?”

sleepy dog


It doesn’t matter if your schedule was made for you or if you chose your own class times — when the weather gets colder and you get more tired, that Monday 8:00 a.m. slot is going to be your worst nightmare. Have fun waking up to the piercing Ottawa wind at 6:00 a.m.!

“Did I Really Need to Buy all Those Textbooks?”

16 thoughts college textbooks

Have a textbook or two (or six) you paid $250 for and never opened? Yup, so do we.

“Man, I wish I lived closer to school.”



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“Today’s classes are all available online. It’s snowing sideways outside, and I have a two-hour commute. Back to bed I go.”



Trudge through the frozen tundra that is the Algonquin parking lot to nap in class, or fall asleep and read the class notes at home? No question.

“Will this networking event have free food?”



Don’t kid yourself — you’re going for the free apps and cocktails, not the awkward chitchat.

“If I study tonight, I can go out to the market tomorrow night!”



We all know you turned on Netflix and didn’t study anyway, Susan.

“How can I wear pyjamas to class and still look alright?”

pyjamas two

PSA: You can’t.

“Oh, there’s a guest speaker in class today? Looks like class is cancelled?”



Those industry professionals speaking in front of your class — maybe they’ll be knowledgeable? Just our guess.

“Ah, another group project, I wonder who’s going to be that person.”



You know who we’re talking about — that one group member who disappears for the whole project and resurfaces right when it’s finished.

“Midterms are next week? Classes just started.”



No, you just started going to class. Start studying and hope for the best.

“Is this going to be on the final?”



Because if it’s not, we both know it’s going in one ear and out the other.

And there you have it! We hope no matter where you are in your post-secondary journey, this list has made it a little bit brighter. From all of us at Accora Village, have an excellent school year!