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4 Truths About Students Going Home to their Parents Over the Holidays

4 Truths About Students Going Home to their Parents Over the Holidays

If you’re the proud parent of a college or university student, you know the holiday season often brings both excitement and stress if they’re coming home to visit. What will you feed them? Will they bring home a sweetheart? How much money do they have left? Are they being responsible?

Stay calm. We’re here to help you through this.

Perhaps you live right here in Accora Village and are waiting for them to bus over from nearby Algonquin College or fly out from overseas studies. Or, maybe you live outside the city and are fussing over the weather forecast for the day they’re due to arrive on your doorstep. Regardless, there are some truths to know about students visiting their parents for the holidays. Let’s look at some to help you plan, no matter how far apart you are!

Leftovers are the Greatest Gift of All

If you don’t think your kids are going to raid your fridge after Christmas dinner is over, think again. School costs money, and you might end up being concerned about their living on ramen noodles and fast food once they return anyway! After all, such is the way of post-secondary life.

Maybe stuffing their stocking with Tupperware isn’t such a bad idea after all.


They’ll Have a Hard Time Leaving their Phones Alone

We live in an always-online world, and honestly, good luck trying to get a student visiting home at Christmas to put their latest smart gadget down. After all, it’s how they can stay in touch with friends and far-away family members over the holidays as well. You could try to set a house rule where everyone puts their phone in a bowl beside the door during gatherings as an alternative. (P.S. this will not work.)


Prepare for Potential Drama Amongst Siblings

If you’re a parent of multiple kids and one of them leaves for college or university, be prepared. Those still at home will likely take their old room, claim their stuff left behind (get ready to hear plenty of “nobody is using it”), and some siblings have a tendency to kind of fill the void left by those who are absent. This can lead to some interesting moments once the holidays roll around.

And by interesting, we mean put the referee outfit on.


They’ll Have Some Stories to Tell

Post-secondary life is anything but boring. From parties to cram sessions and all sorts of crazy events, there’s a lot of things for a student to experience. Expect to hear all about their latest escapades (well, most of them) when they head home for the holidays. Be prepared for plenty of laughter and stories about what life away from home has been like for them.


Students heading home to visit their parents long to make more memories, have fun, and unwind after the end of another hectic term, and you’ll surely be glad to have them back in the nest for a little bit. Many of us in Accora Village are parents ourselves, so we understand the sensation. Happy holidays from our family to yours, and here’s to a safe and fun festive season!