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6 Truths About Adulting in Ottawa

6 Truths About Adulting in Ottawa

Look, adulting is hard and, honestly, life was more fun when we were carefree. Remember the days of Super Nintendo, YTV and screaming at your dial-up internet modem? Well, we’ve got to learn to change with the times. As the grey hairs set in and you start chugging black coffee to stay awake at 11:00 AM, one thing becomes clear: You’re old.

But don’t panic – that’s okay! There are a lot of pros to counter the cons of age. That said, let’s go over some truths about adulting in Ottawa.

Technology is Getting Just. Plain. Weird.



Posting to Facebook from the bathroom. Telling your parents about this really smart girl you’ve been chatting with named Alexa. So many Instagram polls about dogs, mind-bending Instagram filters and dance routines that don’t make any sense.

To be honest, technology is getting out of control and we are happy to be older. Bring back the snake game on the BB Pearl.

Hey Siri, where is the closest Starbucks?

Fast Food is the Answer to Life’s Problems

ALERT! Have you tried the Art-Is-In Bakery pizza? It’s heaven on earth, and we encourage you to drop everything and try it. Our workout routine these days starts with “Jimi’s PeppTalk” followed by a little “Carb-bonanza” power-up before we hit the trails and get “Lost in the Woods”.

What were we talking about again? What month is it?

Disclaimer: This message was brought to you by the social media team and not our good friends at the Accora Centre. We are signing up for personal training sessions tomorrow. Ha!

The Angry Toddler Apocalypse (aka, Raising a Family)



You might have been raised to believe that raising children is a fun-filled adventure and everything is just dandy but hold up! It’s like a second job that drains all your money. That’s not to say it’s not worth it as having little ones can bring all sorts of joy and laughter into your life, not to mention special moments aplenty that will warm your heart for years to come. Just be aware that it involves a lot of hard work and financial planning.

Adults Comprise of 30% Water, 70% Coffee



Coffee is love. Coffee is life. Coffee is what keeps the trains running and the world turning. Coffee is everything.

Hey, who’s up next for the Starbucks run?

Life’s Not Cheap

simpsons coffee


You hear people joking about trading a kidney for a new smartphone, but lately, we’ve been stopping and wondering whether there’s a truth to it. Being alive sure isn’t cheap, unless if you find a place to live that’s available at a good value and has all sorts of nifty conveniences to sweeten the deal. Groceries, phone bills, the phone itself (we still can’t get over that), clothing, owning a car… it all adds up!

Too bad sitting at home playing retro video games and eating KD isn’t a viable source of income. *sigh*

Everyone is Seriously Different

you're the best gif


A big part of being an adult is learning to respect that and not be afraid to contribute your story, putting the noise of the 9-to-5 world aside and focus on what matters most. So dream big, live large, treat others the way you want to be treated, and don’t let anyone tell you something is impossible.

Go get ‘em, tiger!

Yes, adulting sure is different. However, that doesn’t mean it’s less fun! You have all sorts of freedoms and opportunities now and can call your own shots, and that’s a priceless privilege. Get on out there and see what the world has to offer, find a great place to settle and pursue your passions, and enjoy every moment to its fullest in your own special way!