Rentals for Ottawa Newcomers

Why Choose Accora Village?

At Accora Village, we strive to build a safe, caring, and sustainable community through our every action. This is affirmed in our commitment to providing apartments for new Canadians and helping them settle into the city of Ottawa. 

Treating our community well is important to us. This is why we host events and classes within the Accora Centre, both to support current residents and help integrate new residents moving internationally by providing avenues for connection and relationship-building.

We offer diverse neighbourhood apartment and townhome sizes to suit your needs, including:

  • One Bedroom (1 BHK)
  • Two Bedroom (2 BHK)
  • Three Bedroom (3 BHK)
  • Four Bedroom (4 BHK)

Embracing Diversity: A Welcoming Community

At Accora Village, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our community by organizing various events designed to engage all age groups. 


For our senior residents, we offer activities that encourage social interaction and mental stimulation. Our senior lunches are a popular event designed to be both accessible and enjoyable, thus ensuring our older community members remain vibrant and feel connected and integral to our social fabric.


Children in our community benefit from educational and fun programs that promote learning and friendship. Our events for kids include multicultural arts and crafts, storytelling sessions, and sports activities that not only entertain but also educate them about the world’s diverse cultures.


Family-oriented events create ample opportunities for bonding and enjoyment. While we plan seasonal activities to celebrate the beauty of the world around us, residents can always count on our annual ‘Light Up The Village’ Winter holiday event, promoting community engagement in the coldest Canadian months.

By integrating these events, Accora Village enhances the individual experiences of our residents living in international housing and strengthens the communal bonds within the greater Ottawa area. We aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or background, feels welcome and valued, reinforcing our vision of a truly inclusive community.

Recreation Centre

Accora Village is proud to provide excellent housing options alongside a range of on-site amenities that significantly enhance the lifestyle of our residents. These facilities include well-equipped gyms and fitness centers, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools. 

These amenities are not just about physical fitness; they also serve as vibrant social hubs. We host various classes and events designed to cater to different interests and fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to join a high-energy aerobics class, relax with gentle yoga, or learn to swim, there’s something here for everyone.

Community Building

The recreation centers at Accora Village are particularly valuable for building community ties. They offer a natural setting for our residents to meet and connect over shared interests. From fitness enthusiasts to beginners or those just interested in taking up a hobby, the Accora Centre provides a platform to engage with fellow residents.


The convenience of having these amenities close to our apartments and townhomes is a significant plus. It means that getting involved is as simple as stepping out of your front door. We believe this accessibility encourages a more active and socially engaged lifestyle, which can lead to improved well-being and happiness. Our residents can easily drop into a class after work, join a weekend event, or even start a new group activity, knowing that these facilities are just around the corner.

Dedicated ESL Teachers

We offer ESL classes for all ages to help new residents integrate into the community. In addition, many schools in the area also have dedicated ESL and FSL teachers, allowing young people to learn a new language with their peers. 

Learning English can help new residents feel confident interacting with their neighbours and other community members. It can also support them to engage with public events and access public services, many of which are only offered in one of Canada’s two official languages. 

The classroom can also be a great place to make connections with others who are encountering similar experiences, allowing you to get direct support from people who understand your situation.

Supporting Your Journey: Community Services and Assistance

Accora Village offers BHK apartments for rent and ESL support in housing. Nearby, there are also many service organizations that can help with daily life, immigration, or other needs.


There are multiple YMCA-YWCA locations within a convenient distance of Accora Village, all of which offer employment and immigration services, classes, community events, and language assessments. 

Economic and Social Council

The Economic and Social Council of Ottawa-Carleton is a Francophone service provider which can help you prepare for the citizenship test. They also offer employment and refugee services to help new residents get started within the community.

Community Immigration Services

The Ottawa Community Immigration Services provides support in numerous languages to newcomers to Canada. Their services include counselling, employment assistance, language classes, and services specific to children, seniors, and LGBTQ2+ individuals.

Community Health Centre

The Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, while primarily a place to receive healthcare and information, also offers various services for refugees and young people, including preparing for the citizenship test, job-specific language training, and other integration services such as employment assistance and help with other daily life tasks.


If you want to find or become a mentor for newcomers to Canada, Greybridge International Consulting offers just that and more. They also offer language training and services for refugees, women, youth, and seniors.

Step Into Your Dream Home

We offer affordable one (1 BHK) to four-bedroom (4 BHK) apartments and townhomes to help cater to various needs. From young working professionals to whole families, you can find your new home at Accora Village.

Our user-friendly platform makes browsing for your new home simple and easy. You can simply scroll through all of our offerings or filter them based on your specific needs, such as price or the number of bedrooms. Once you find a unit that interests you, fits your needs, and is within your budget, you can click the ‘Book A Tour’ tab on the right side of the screen and either book a showing or immediately start the application process.

If you have any questions, or need support while looking for international resident-friendly homes, you can contact one of our leasing representatives today and they will be happy to lend a hand!

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