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Lease Changes, Transfers & Terminations

Common questions

As per Landlord and Tenancy board of Ontario, a 60-day notice is required after completing a full-term lease (usually 12 months.)

A N9 form must be filled out and signed by the leaseholder(s) only. Please do not add occupant information to the N9. The notice must be dated for the last of the month or the 15th meeting the 60-day notice period requirement. The notice can be dropped off at 98 Woodridge Crescent mailbox or mailed to moveouts@accoravillage.com.

N9 Form Hyperlinks: https://tribunalsontario.ca/documents/ltb/Notices%20of%20Termination%20&%20Instructions/N9.pdf

Leaseholders are permitted to request an extension or retraction following a submission of an N9 notice to terminate their lease. To request to extend or retract your N9 notice, please email moveouts@accoravillage.com or call 613-366-5020 option 1 than 4. An extension or retraction form must be signed, and service charges may apply.

Leaseholders are encouraged to transfer within the community if their living requirements change. A leasing consultant would be happy to speak with you about the variety of living options within Accora Village.

In order to transfer within Accora Village, the terms and conditions of your current lease must be completed. If all criteria are met for the transfer, a 45–60-day notice is required before you vacate your current unit. If a leaseholder is planning to stay in your current unit while one transfers, please contact us for further details.

To request a transfer, please email leasing@accoravillage.com or call us at 613-366-5020 option 2 to speak to a representative.

A request to assign tenancy is available to all leaseholders. The request will take up to 7 business days to process for an approval or denial.

To assign your tenancy, please email moveouts@accoravillage.com or call 613-366-5020, option 2.

Leaseholders are required to have valid renter’s insurance, as per the conditions of their lease agreement. Every Year, on the date of their move-in anniversary, leaseholders are required to provide Accora Village with proof of their valid renter’s insurance.

The following information is required:
• Must contain the leaseholder’s name(s)
• Full Address
• Coverage period (dates from-to)
• Minimum Liability of $1,000,000

Please send your proof of renter’s insurance via email to connect@accoravillage.com or drop off a hard copy at the 98 Woodridge Crescent mailbox.

Accora Village is committed to providing its residents, their guests and its staff with a safe environment to live and work. In 2018, the Accora Village community and all its buildings became smoke free.

To sign a Smoke Free addendum, email connect@accoravillage.com or call 613-366-5020, option 1, and 4.

Leaseholders may add or remove an occupant at any time, but certain restrictions apply. Please note non-leaseholders are unable to make changes to the lease agreement.

Leaseholder(s) requesting to add or remove an occupant:

If the unit has not met its full capacity limit, the leaseholder(s) may add new occupants. To add a new occupant, the following documentation is required:

• A signed request letter from the leaseholder(s) stating the names of the occupant they would like to add.
• Each occupant over the age of 18 must fill out a crime free form and provide two IDs.

To remove an occupant from the unit, the following documentation is required:

• A signed request letter from all leaseholders stating the names of the individuals they would like to remove.

To add or remove an occupant, please email your request to leasing@accoravillage.com or call us at 613-366-5020 option 2.

All leaseholders are equally responsible for the lease. Therefore, to remove a leaseholder, both parties must agree to the changes being made to the lease. Once the lease agreement is verified, the remaining leaseholder must complete an application process to take over the unit. Once they leaseholder remaining in the unit is approved, the document is signed stating the removal of a leaseholder by both parties and added to the lease.

If a leaseholder would like to add another leaseholder, they both must undergo an application process together. Once they are both approved, a document is signed to verify the changes made and added to their record.

*Please note some charges apply to process certain requests.
**Please note a new lease agreement will not be issued due to any of the above requests. We will add updated addendums to your current lease agreement.

To add or remove an leaseholder, please email your request to leasing@accoravillage.com or call us at 613-366-5020 option 2.

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