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Kids Recreation, Classes, & Camps

Child & Youth Programs

Dance Classes

These high energy dance classes teach rhythm, coordination, and balance with age-appropriate movements set to fun upbeat music.

Art Classes

Children will discover how fun it is to create art while they learn the fundamentals. Class participants will explore a variety of techniques and mediums such as textiles, paint, and sculpture.

Science Fun

Conduct science experiments and learn engineering techniques. Discover the science behind bottle rocket experiments, slime, baking soda and vinegar experiments. Each class participant will build their own birdhouse and bridge.

Private Tutoring

We’ll help your child realize their full potential through individualized learning plans that lead to academic success in a variety of subjects: Math, Science, English, and French.

Music Lessons

Private Music lessons are available in 30-minute blocks.

Babysitting Course

The Canadian Red Cross Babysitting course covers everything from managing difficult behaviours in children to leadership and professional babysitter conduct. Babysitting younger children deepens and enhances older youth’s sense of responsibility.

Sustainability Education for Children

We believe that sustainability is about developing a fairer, healthier, and greener world, and that every young person has a place in this movement.  We have partnered with Genvironment to provide workshops for residents aged 7-12.  


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