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5 Amazing Advantages of Downsizing

5 Amazing Advantages of Downsizing

Downsizing isn’t just a benefit to empty nesters, retirees, or seniors — in fact, it can be a great solution for people of all ages. Depending on your needs, finances, present household head count and age, downsizing can provide a range of wonderful advantages. Here are just a few of the many you’ll encounter through downsizing to a home that is just right.

Increased Savings

By moving to a new home that meets your needs without unnecessary excess, you can increase savings. Downsizing often means greater savings on rent, utilities, and other fees such as property taxes if you are a homeowner. Eco-friendly and modernized apartments and townhomes that have been refitted can sometimes provide you with financial incentives in addition to increased savings.

Decluttering and Simplified Living

Deciding what to keep and what to remove from your home can be a chore, particularly if you live in a large home with tons of storage space, where it becomes easy to hold on to items that you will never use. A great solution is to make a fresh start by downsizing to a smaller property and say goodbye to discomfort and clutter. Free up resources to connect with what matters most to you, whether that’s travelling, taking up a new hobby, or crossing off aspirational items on your bucket list.


As we age, the standard family home becomes difficult to navigate. Going up and down the stairs becomes a challenge. Combat this by downsizing to a more accessible and inviting townhome or apartment. With newly renovated lobbies and hallways, convenient elevator access, and in-suite laundry, your home will suit your lifestyle.


Our selection of townhomes, garden homes, and executive garden homes offer spacious layouts, as well as backyard patios! Downsizing to a rental home doesn’t mean making a sacrifice — in fact, our homes are newly renovated with modern style and functionality, featuring open-concept layouts and plenty of natural light. This can make for a more comfortable and truly “at home” experience than a home that no longer fits your lifestyle – and you’ll still have room for guests to visit!


When you weigh the pros and cons of downsizing, are you hesitant to move and leave your neighbours behind? The thought of a new home without familiar neighbours can be a deterrent. Downsizing allows you to make new connections and memories, without saying goodbye to long-standing bonds. At Accora Village, creating a strong sense of community is our number one goal. The Accora Centre, located at the heart of Accora Village, offers a gym, indoor pool, and regular activities so you can stay active, engaged, and social. We organize community events on a regular basis to provide our residents with opportunities to have fun and meet one another – there’s always something new and exciting coming up!

Downsizing shouldn’t be considered a bad thing — in fact, it can rejuvenate lives of any age through increased savings, comfort, simplification, accessibility, and community.

Ready to make a change? Accora Village’s community of rental apartments and townhomes in Ottawa is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Book a tour today!