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5 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Around Accora Village this Spring

5 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Around Accora Village this Spring

Spring showers (lots of showers) bring May flowers. We hope Ottawa residents and our Accora Village residents are enjoying the tulips popping up around the community.


To help our residents forget about the rain and get excited about Spring, our team has come up with five amazing ideas for activities around the community this Spring.


Go on a Picnic!

Make Yogi Bear proud and partake in a fun traditional outing with friends and family – there’s no shortage of great spots to hunker down with a picnic basket, a Bluetooth speaker and a phone full of great tunes! There are also plenty of parks within Accora Village that make great spots to enjoy the fresh air, hear the birds chirping and munch away on a great meal with great company. Fun tip: Check out Beachconers for amazing ice cream.


Bike Paths Galore

No, seriously. The Accora Village area and beyond has plenty of choices when it comes to bike paths. Whether you want to explore the eclectic neighbourhood or visit new areas to discover hidden gems in the form of great little shops, restaurants like our friends at Baja Burger Shack in Britannia Beach and more! Biking is a fun way to stay fit and enjoy the warm weather. You know, while it lasts. Because of Canada, eh?



You don’t have to be a professional angler to up the fun level. Grab grandpa’s ol’ trusty fishing rod or pick up a couple of new ones, get yourself a fishing license, and head over to the water for a fun day of catching and releasing who-knows-what! From Smallmouth Bass to Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Yellow Perch, and more, there’s a wide variety of local fish for the little ones to fall in love with. Just make sure you follow the rules set out by the province in regards to fishing and enjoy this popular local leisurely pastime while the biting’s good!  



Who knew that taking Fido out for a stroll could be such a fun adventure? Pet owners in and around Accora Village, that’s who! Any given day you could find yourself strolling by the Accora Centre (a great spot for fun indoor sports and other activities), past the Bayshore Shopping Centre, along the river yet again (and again, we don’t blame you), or East towards Britannia. It’s a great way to ensure your dog gets enough exercise to stay behaved and happy, and your kids will benefit from getting away from the video games for a bit to enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors! If you’re a parent, this probably sounds like a win-win.


Outdoor Games

How about a game of badminton, soccer or a few throws of the Frisbee? Head on over to any of the many local parks (Bayshore Park right in Accora Village is a great spot) and unwind in the sunshine with a spirited game or three. You’re never far from home, making it a breeze to head in, cool off and change if needed, so don’t be afraid to get competitive and have a blast! Fun Fact: The outdoor pool opens June 1.

So you’ve had a taste of what the Accora Village area has to offer when the sun is shining, and the snow is long-gone at last. Why not get out there and make the most of the fun opportunities available to you? Whether you’re enjoying solo independence or seeking ways to keep the kids entertained (and outside for longer than ten minutes), we’ve got you covered. Explore all that Canada’s Capital has for fun outdoor activities and see what living here at Accora Village is all about!