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7 Things Pet Owners Do for Their Furbabies

7 Things Pet Owners Do for Their Furbabies

Whether you own a beagle or a bulldog, a Bengal kitten or lovable tabby, having a pet in your life is something truly special. Residents of Accora Village and their furry friends know too well the ins and outs (of the house), ups and downs (off the couch), and all the other quirky things that only pet-people will understand. 

In honour of all our pet-loving residents, we have compiled a list of things that pet owners love to do for their furbabies. 

*Please read the next line in your best pet voice. 

Who’s ready for a fun list?! Are you ready for a fun list?! Let’s go!! 

Brush Their Teeth

And you think your tartar buildup is difficult to deal with! Dogs don’t have it particularly easy, so from time to time, we need to step in and do a little brushwork. That way, not only do we keep that gross doggy breath at bay, but your pooch also enjoys a healthier, whiter smile. It seems weird to think that we brush the teeth of our pets, but hey, who else is going to do it?

Dress Them Up in Funky Clothes

Not all of us like to do it, but sometimes, our pets actually have fun being dressed up! Many think of it as a new form of playtime, plus, it attracts their owners to spend even more time with them. Besides that, who can resist a pug in a bee costume or a dachshund in a hotdog costume? Just be sure to not overdo it so they can breathe, remain comfortable, and go about their usual business. 

Pet Instagrams

Don’t underestimate the cuteness factor! While a responsible pet owner is careful about what they share online and is capable of recognizing when their furry friends really are happy, one can’t deny how addictive it is to flick through Instagram profiles of adorable pets. Plus, with great photo ops in and around the Bayshore area, including Andrew Haydon Park, living in Accora Village can be a paradise for a pet Instagrammer that is serious about their craft!

Dog Park Visits!

If you own a dog, chances are you’re always itching to get out, show off their cuteness, and meet other dog owners to arrange impromptu playdates. Well, heading over to a purpose-built dog park such as Bruce Pit or Hampton Park is a great way for Fido to let off steam, get some exercise, and have fun. This is almost like a rite of passage for any Ottawa-area dog owner, and you’re sure to have a great time yourself. Plus, it’s a fun way to get the kids outdoors even during the colder months of the year – now that’s a win-win!

A Whole Lotta Hiking

Have an active, health-conscious lifestyle? Then you’re probably into hiking. Well, even if you’re not, you’ll find that it’s impossible to resist the call of the wild when you have man’s best friend at your side! Exploring the natural wonders along countless local trails is a beloved pastime of many pet owners in Canada’s Capital. 

Furry Families

Whether you have a fluffy kitty or dashing doggo, owning a pet in Ottawa is a deeply fulfilling, heartwarming, and super-fun experience. At Accora Village, we love to see families out and about with their pets having a great time, discovering the many exciting local events and animal-friendly amenities on offer in the Bayshore area. Plus, with easy access to major arteries that take you to rural paradises surrounding the city, you’re never far away from a walk in the woods or a playdate at the dog park!