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7 Halloween Candies Selected (and Sampled) by the Accora Village Family

7 Halloween Candies Selected (and Sampled) by the Accora Village Family

The best Halloween treats are exactly that: Treats! Well, sweets, to be specific. If you’re sick of being tricked by gross candies that taste as if they’ve sat in granny’s cupboard for decades, fear not: The Accora Village family, many of us having raised children ourselves, are familiar with the best candies out there! Let’s satisfy that sweet tooth by going through a list of our top picks. 


If you don’t know what Airheads are, we feel sorry for you. Or, maybe you’ve found something even more addictively sweet – wait, that’s impossible. Nothing beats the taste and pull-apart fun of this long-beloved flavoured taffy! Available in flavours such as blue raspberry, watermelon (our favourite) and cherry, they come in matching fluorescent colours that scream “I’m too sweet to ignore!” 

And honestly, why would you? Legends speak of great wars amongst costumed monsters breaking out over the elusive Airheads in their trick-or-treat hauls. If you get one this Halloween, hold it dear and cherish it. Or, you know, just devour it and savour its deliciousness – your call! 

Sour Patch Kids

Nothing beats a classic, and Sour Patch Kids are the ones to beat. Unlike Airheads, which sometimes seem to be rarer than snow in Cuba, these bite-sized, sugar-coated morsels are almost always available in your child’s Halloween haul in packets by the dozen. Like potato chips, it’s a futile effort to have just one – you’ll be mowing through whole packs without even noticing!

Well, unless if you’re the type whose lips retreat into their mouths upon eating just one from the sourness, in which case we can’t help you. 

Popeye’s Candy Sticks

Anyone else almost break a tooth on one of these? It’s all about the angle and intensity of how you chomp on these super-tasty white candy sticks. These candies are delicious but also are a bit dated, making them harder and harder to find. These candies are sold less and less because of their connection to smoking and their consumption by kids. Accora Village is a smoke free community so if you find some of these candies please be respectful to your neighbours. 

Nerd alert!

Go ahead, just try not to dump two different-flavoured packs of these into a bowl and willingly melt your teeth away with them. They just taste so good! Nerds are one of the best-known and most-loved candy concoctions made in the past several decades, with their miniature size containing a whole lot of flavour. If you see one in your child’s Halloween haul, you’d better hope you have some great goodies to trade in exchange for it. 

Mars Bars / Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Yes, we’re breaking the rules by putting two chocolatey delicious icons in one slot. If your kids make their way to one of those fancy-schmancy houses that dole out chocolate bars, make sure they’re aware of the mission to Mars… Bars. These caramel-filled milk chocolate wonders have long been a staple of Halloween. Gooey, stretchy, and super-tasty, they’re as tough to resist as they were back in the nineties (ah, the good old days). Also, don’t forget Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and make sure proper transportation is arranged to avoid melting!


Newsflash: Too many of these in rapid succession will give you canker sores – long story short, that was a lesson learned! Either way, these incredibly flavourful treats are totally worth it – just enjoy them in moderation and don’t om-nom your way through a whole bag! Available in all sorts of flavours from classic orange and strawberry to new tropical variants, everyone is sure to have a favourite.


Ah, the ever-iconic Rockets. That feeling of pure joy and excitement when you dig through your trick-or-treat pillowcase of goodies and see that familiar wrapper, red-lettered logo and multi-coloured candies that have been a Halloween staple for many decades. Eating one is a different experience – they explode into delicious candy dust puffs in your mouth of all sorts of different flavours! If you haven’t tried one, well, we envy you, because afterward, they can be pretty tough to say no to. 

What are your favourite Halloween candies? Let us know! Also, don’t forget that Accora Village and the Bayshore area are great places for trick-or-treating. We’re excited to see you and your little ones all dressed up and having a spooktacular night. Here’s to a good haul this year, and don’t forget to have fun and wait to dive into those treats until you get home to inspect them!

P.S. Please do not be the family that gives out healthy food. Halloween is for candy and lots of it.