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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Black Friday Survival Guide

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Black Friday Survival Guide

We’re not the first to say the holidays are really about cheer, family, friendship, and making wonderful memories. Many associate Black Friday with a convenient excuse to stock up on Christmas gifts, but in actuality, it’s just the biggest sale of the year and a great time to stock up on necessities – and maybe that 4K OLED TV you’ve been eyeing, but we digress. 

Before you think you can just stroll into the store after work on the big day and expect to find great deals, know that this shopping event is a whole different beast to slay with that credit card. You’re in the big leagues now, kid – here’s our Black Friday survival guide for Accora Village residents!

Shop Online and Save in Even More Ways

Right off the bat, we’re going to recommend sticking to online shopping whenever possible. Why? Well, not only do you get to take advantage of great deals while in your pajamas without having to fight in a battle royal in the store to grab what you want (pro tip: It’s not worth it), but you can also avoid wasting gas in the car and lower your carbon footprint. Sounds silly when you’re purchasing something likely mass-produced in a factory, but there’s no denying we’d all love to avoid taking the car when we can on days like this. And hey, if that’s not enough, remember you can save on stress and headaches by having instant access to items that could run out of stock quickly – we’re looking at you, iPad-deal-hoarders. 

Know What You Want, and Check Reviews!

Just because that comfy-looking new mattress is on for half the usual price, it might not mean that it’s a great deal. In fact, Black Friday is notorious for liquidating large quantities of unsold products due to low review scores or stunted initial sales – the trick is learning to recognize what’s really a deal and what isn’t! Always pre-plan and figure out what you want to get in advance, as strolling into Best Buy without a shopping list on Black Friday is akin to throwing your wallet away – it’s hard to resist those tempting deals.

Know-How Product Lifecycles Work

Let’s say you purchase a brand-new laptop at a great price during Black Friday. Then, you take it home and discover that it’s a bit outdated and the manufacturer announced an updated version with new features you want to take advantage of just a couple days before the sale. Again, this is a smart strategy to sell off old product stock, but if you’re looking for something specific such as a certain feature, it can make timing your shopping an absolute p-a-i-n. Therefore, get to know the companies behind the products you’re interested in, and see if there are any updates in the pipeline that might be worth waiting for sales on Boxing Day. Remember, there’s always another deal around the corner!  

If You’re Going to a Store, Get There Early!

If you have the morning free and are dead-set on those in-store exclusive deals Black Friday is famous for, do yourself a favour and line up early. Stock is always limited, especially when it comes to tech and ultra-low-priced products. The sooner you line up, the better your chances of taking home what you want! Don’t forget, this is the busiest shopping event of the year and notoriously massive crowds are pretty much a given. 

Whether you’re looking to stock up on supplies, carry out that room upgrade at last or cross off your Christmas gift list, Black Friday can be a lot of fun and economically beneficial – be careful about how you approach the sales on offer. We hope this survival guide helps you get the most out of this extra-special day of deals – just remember to set a limit and stay within it!