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6 Best Plants for Apartment Living

6 Best Plants for Apartment Living

Do you feel like your apartment’s missing something, or just doesn’t have that vibrant and inviting look? Add plants! 

There are plenty of reasons why people are learning to embrace greenery in their homes. Aside from being a much more sustainable decor piece, plants purify your air, add colour and character to any interior, and they can make your apartment feel airy and inviting. Of course, caring for plants properly can sometimes pose a challenge for even the most well-intentioned aspiring green thumb. 

The good news is there are plenty of different species that don’t require experienced horticulturalists or much effort at all. To get you started, we’ve listed several of the best plants for apartment living. Let’s dive in!


Pothos is by far one of the best plants for your apartment if you have never cared for a plant before or worry about potentially neglecting them due to your fast-paced lifestyle. This hardy plant has bright vibrant green, teardrop-shaped leaves, and is often marbled with some lighter green tones. It grows quite fast, and is known as a climber, which makes it ideal to perch up on a shelf, near an exposed beam that it can climb or any place where you would want some greenery to dangle.

It can grow in almost all conditions and doesn’t need to be watered frequently, meaning if you go away for the weekend to Montreal and forget to water it, you won’t have to stress the entire trip. It can grow in all light conditions, but thrives best near a windowsill or somewhere with indirect light.

Snake Plant

Another plant that rivals the easy, low-maintenance Pothos is the snake plant. Equally as durable, it can survive without being watered for weeks, and that’s not an exaggeration. Therefore, it’s ideal for any newbies who are weary of plants, and the responsibility that comes along with making sure you remember to water them. These grow vertically and can get quite large, making them excellent to place in a bare corner with low light. 


ZZ Plant

Native to East Africa’s nation of Zanzibar, the ZZ plant is the one to choose if your apartment doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Not only that, but you only have to water it three times each month. They are perfect for adding lively accents to your apartment.

Iron Plant

With its broader, dark green leaves, the iron plant is as visually striking as it sounds. Though it’s not overly colourful, the dark green leaves are striking against neutral backgrounds, making them a must-have! Place the plant in any dim area of your apartment and it will thrive.


When it comes to unique indoor plant ideas for apartments, you can never go wrong with cacti. There are so many different varieties with different shapes, sizes, and colours. They can easily add whimsical character to any tabletop or windowsill. Since cacti are naturally from the desert, they don’t need much water at all. In fact, overwatering is their nemesis. All you need to do is place them somewhere sunny and water them once every other month.


Similar to the quirkiness of cacti, succulents come in a beautiful array of shapes and colours. Their no-fuss nature has made them one of the most popular plant varieties for indoor spaces, and with so many to choose from, you can plant a few together for a stunning centrepiece. As hardy as they are, these also prefer a sunnier spot and only need to be watered once a month max.

Accora Village offers a wide range of newly renovated apartments that are spacious and pet-friendly, perfect for your new plant-filled home in the heart of town. If you’re in the process of looking, browse our listings today or contact us to learn more!