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Apartment Home Office Ideas: Four Ways to Create a Stylish Home Office

Apartment Home Office Ideas: Four Ways to Create a Stylish Home Office

Home offices were once considered dedicated rooms closely resembling the traditional office layout. However, as work from home has become essential and embraced as the new “normal,” many companies have adopted hybrid or even work-from-anywhere structures. Therefore, the space where you pop open your laptop and get down to business has changed. 


Nowadays, the term “office” is a relative one and is often incorporated as part of your living area. There are also some solutions that can make working from home more comfortable. But what about making it more aesthetically pleasing and cohesive within your personal living area? Let’s explore how to set up your home office space and make it stylish in the process.

How Do I Set Up an Apartment Home Office?

Square footage will always play a factor in how you arrange rooms in your apartment. At Accora Village, we provide 360-degree tours online and layout drawings so you can plan your work space accurately. For our Orion One-Bedroom A design, you could consider placing a desk along the wall adjacent to the closet, or shifting the dining and living areas to accommodate for a collapsible desk. With a bit more square footage, as is the case with our Coral Two-Bedroom D layout, a corner desk in the living room will conserve space while giving you a beautiful view outside. Being close to a natural light source is a benefit for anywhere you’re considering making an office.

Choose a Theme

Your office’s theme can either match your apartment’s decor or highlight its own vibe. If you are stuck when it comes to ideas, try choosing a colour you like and going from there. Different hues of blue could add a calming atmosphere to your otherwise hectic day. Pick prints and art for the walls that draw the eye and choose essentials like acrylic baskets that can match any design aesthetic. If you love to thrift, a vintage furniture or secondhand store can be a great source of inspiration that doesn’t break the budget.

Incorporate Some Greenery

Plants can go a long way to brighten up an underwhelming home office setup. If you have additional floor space, find a tall plant that can easily tuck in beside your desk for a boost of greenery. If your desk takes up a lot of room or if you are short on space for your legs, consider a hanging or trailing plant that can be hung from the ceiling. Greenery such as this will make the space feel more welcoming and soothing, inspiring creativity and helping you feel motivated to get work done.

Pick Out the Right Desk

Working from the kitchen table or the couch doesn’t have to be your go-to, especially since this can be a real drain on productivity and strain your back. Your desk will likely be the bulkiest part of your office, so choose wisely! A wall-mounted desk allows you to remain organized and efficient within a compact footprint. An L-shaped desk can occupy an unused corner space and provide ample workstation surface area. Alternatively, you could find a fold-up desk helpful to store all your items away when done for the day.

Organizing Upwards

Shelving is your greatest asset for storage and organization anywhere in your apartment, especially in your home office. Bare walls can be filled up with shelves to hold items that would otherwise take up too much horizontal space. You can further decorate them with mini calendars, pen holders, shelf-friendly plants, or a container or two of brain-boosting snacks as needed.

Setting up a home office space doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a wonderful way to enhance your living area and improve productivity when working from home. At Accora Village, we want to make it easy for you to call our apartments home. With online and in-person tours available, you can plan out your space before you even move in. To learn more about our available apartments, contact us.


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