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How to Save Money on Monthly Utility Bills

How to Save Money on Monthly Utility Bills

In a world where the cost of living seems to be on the rise, it’s no surprise that many of us, from all walks of life, worry about increasing monthly utility bills. As grocery and gas prices soar, the thought of water, hydro, and heating going up at the same time can be a cause for concern as we try to strike a balance between budgeting and living comfortably. While some rental properties do leave the responsibility of utilities with residents, at Accora Village, most of our apartments and townhomes include water and heat, so you can worry less about utilities and keep more in your pocket to do what makes you happiest.

If you’re looking for extra ways to save on utilities, we put together a list of our top tips for renters and homeowners—small but effective practices for any living space.

Changing an incandescent lightbulb to an LED one to save money on utilities.


Hydro is the cornerstone of our modern lives. It’s the electricity that flows into our homes, keeping the lights on, our devices charged, and our lives connected. Here’s how to save on your electric bill and maximize efficiency:

1. Use LED Light Bulbs

When considering how to cut utility costs, the choice of lighting can make a significant difference. Consider gradually swapping out those energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs for LED alternatives as bulbs burn out and are in need of replacement.  LED bulbs can be up to 90% more efficient and last 15 times longer, reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bill in the process.

2. Get Cozy with Cold Water Washing

One of the simplest and most effective tricks to save energy is to switch to cold water when doing your laundry. Heating water can account for a significant portion of your electricity consumption. Most modern detergents have formulations that work effectively in cold water, so there’s often no need to switch to hot unless you’re dealing with stubborn stains. The bonus? Cold water washing is gentler on your clothes, helping them last longer and saving you money on replacements in the long run.

3. Embrace Natural Light

The sun is an excellent resource to help reduce utility costs. Open your blinds and curtains wide during daylight hours to flood your apartment or home with natural light. If you work from home, position your workspace near a window to complete your tasks comfortably without needing overhead lights or table lamps. You can also arrange your furniture strategically to allow light to flow freely into your living spaces and create a brighter atmosphere.

A woman sits on her couch with her cat. A space heater is on the floor to help save money on heating.


Keeping your apartment or house warm can strain your budget as the temperatures drop, especially in the cold Canadian winters. Consider the following tips to keep the chill in check while minimizing your heating bill:

1. Take Advantage of Layers

Instead of reaching for the thermostat, take advantage of extra layers with blankets and warm sweaters. This not only helps you feel cozy during the colder months, but it’ll also save you money throughout the season.

2. Harness the Sun’s Warmth

Similar to using the sun’s light to save electricity, we can also use it as a resource for natural heating. During the day, open your curtains wide, especially on south-facing windows, to let in the warmth. At night, close them to trap the heat. 

3. Zone Heating

Why heat empty rooms? Embrace zone heating by strategically placing space heaters in the spaces you frequent the most. If you rent an apartment or townhome, ensure your space heater usage follows renter guidelines.

Turning off the tap in a bathroom to save water.


Controlling your water consumption helps the environment and keeps your utility bills manageable. Let’s explore some clever ways to conserve water that align with your daily needs:

1. Only Run Full Loads

Try to run your dishwasher and washing machine only when you have full loads. This practice maximizes the efficiency of water usage for each cycle. If your appliances have a “half-load” or “economy” setting, use it when appropriate.

2. Take Shorter Showers

While a long, hot shower can be relaxing, it also consumes a lot of water and energy. Consider shortening your shower time by just a few minutes—it doesn’t have to be drastic. To keep you on track, try using a timer.  

3. Be Strategic About Running Water

Every drop counts. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or doing dishes—it’s an age-old trick still effective in conserving water. You can also consider collecting cold water flow in a basin while waiting for it to heat up. You can repurpose this cool water for plants or other tasks to prevent wastage.

A person on their phone with a holographic wi-fi symbol hovering above.


The internet is part of our everyday lives. In most cases, if you’re renting your living space, you’ll be responsible for finding a provider, which will add to your monthly bills. Here are some tips for finding the best options and saving money:

  • Determine Your Needs: Assess the number of devices you require, your online activities, and your budget. This will determine the type of plan you select.
  • Compare Providers and Plans: Shop around for pricing, noting download/upload speeds, data caps, contract terms, and any promotional deals. 

Comfortable Living at Accora Village

At Accora Village, we believe in comfortable living—paying for the basic necessities shouldn’t break the bank, even amidst rising costs caused by inflation. That’s why most of our apartments and townhomes include heat and water.  Find your perfect haven within our rental community with a wide range of living spaces and experience affordability when it comes to your utility costs.