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Discover What the Community of Accora Village has to Offer

Discover What the Community of Accora Village has to Offer

Carefully developed to provide the quintessential friendly, safe and comfortable community, Accora Village is a riverside gem for its over 8,000 residents and countless visitors. There’s a myriad of things to see and do here, and you can be assured of the best quality service and most vibrant atmosphere around. Here are just a few of the many opportunities that the community of Accora Village offers.


Spacious and Modernized Rental Homes

Your selection of ideal rental homes is hardly limited in Accora Village. Prospective residents may opt for a redeveloped high-rise, townhome, garden or executive garden home unit that offers unprecedented cleanliness, safety, comfort, spaciousness and modern upgrades. Regardless of whether you consider the towering, sprawling Essex, the convenience-rich Grosvenor or a 4-bedroom garden home, your stay here will be met with cost-effectiveness, efficiency and a true feeling of contentment. Please consult our properties page for details.


Events and Activities Galore

Accora Village is more than a collection of comfortable and spacious homes – it is a true community, through and through. That means you can expect plenty of activities and events organized and held at various points in the area year-round. Whether it’s skating on the Sens Rink, playing indoor soccer at the Accora Centre sports gymnasium or ringing in the new year with the rest of the community in a sensational way, there’s no shortage of goings-on and opportunities to have some fun not just at home, but mere steps beyond it.


Incredible Conveniences

Bordered to the north by Andrew Haydon Park and the Ottawa River, residents and visitors can enjoy the sprawling waterside parklands along with many bike paths and green spaces scattered throughout the community. Additionally, Bayshore Shopping Centre and its hundreds of shops are just steps from many of our units, as is its attached OC Transpo bus station and Queensway access for commuters. The surrounding area is full of shops, restaurants and even a cinema, not to mention several schools and convenient public services.


Thoroughly Green

Accora Village has been meticulously developed to revitalize one of Ottawa’s most conveniently located neighbourhoods, and we didn’t stop at making this community thoroughly safe, comfortable and convenient. We’ve also modernized every rental home and apartment to be environmentally friendly. With sophisticated energy meters, energy-efficient windows and light bulbs and even solar panels (on select buildings), it’s never been easier to save on energy utilities. We’ve also included highly efficient in-suite laundering systems (select units) and laundry facilities that help to conserve water, as well as replaced all fixtures with water-saving models such as low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Accora Village’s collective waste footprint is also significantly smaller thanks to the inclusion of Earth Bins to keep animals out and odors in, as well as tri-sorters in place of traditional garbage chutes.


The community of Accora Village is a place of conveniences, eco-friendly living, true comfort and modern living as well as a hub of activities and new experiences. Discover the magic of this warm, friendly place today and see what it is to call Ottawa West home in style and comfort.