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Rental-Friendly Apartment Upgrades

Rental-Friendly Apartment Upgrades

What says ‘New Year, new me’ more than apartment upgrades? Decluttering, re-organizing, or adding new items and accents to your space can lift your mood, create functionality, and give you the reset you might be looking for. Here are our top rental-friendly apartment upgrades to help you make the most of your space in the New Year.

General Tips for Rental-Friendly Apartment Upgrades

When exploring apartment decorating ideas, it’s your time to shine. Keep in mind the following tips as you get started:

  • Start with a budget to help create a plan that makes room for all your visions.
  • Find inspiration. Check out Pinterest, Instagram, or interior design magazines for unique looks that speak to you.
  • Shop savvy for second-hand furniture and decor at thrift stores, garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, or your local Buy Nothing Group to find inexpensive or free items you can make your own.

decorate a wall in your apartment

A “You” Wall

What better way to showcase the new you than an entire wall? Whether in your apartment hallway, living room, or bedroom, you can decorate with all the items that matter to you to make your space come to life. For example, you can hang travel souvenirs or photos of you and your favourite people. If you’re an avid collector of paintings, skateboards, license plates, vinyl records, or any other unique items, this is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine. The best part is that you likely have these items on hand, so no purchases are necessary!

rental-friendly apartment upgrades with houseplants

Apartment-Friendly Houseplants

Ottawa winters may be dreary, but your apartment doesn’t have to be. Liven up your decor with apartment-friendly houseplants — a sustainable option that adds colour, vibrance, and airiness to any space. Plants can be a particularly charming decorating idea for apartment bathrooms. They promote cleanliness and freshness and help create the perfect ambient conditions for your relaxation baths or nighttime routine.

make use of functional storage

Make Use of Functional Furniture

One of the best creative ways to maximize storage in any rental unit without buying multiple items is to find furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, revamp your bedroom with a bed that has built-in storage or add a functional coffee table in your living room that lifts to reveal a secret compartment. Multi-purpose storage spaces are excellent apartment upgrade ideas that can help you declutter and reorganize to start your year off right.

upgrade your entryway

Get Inventive with Your Entryway

Your entryway is a first impression of your space — it’s the first thing people see when they walk through your door. Try some of these rental-friendly apartment upgrades for a memorable welcome home:

  • Add unique but functional coat hooks or racks that are easily accessible.
  • Find a chic chair or bench so guests can sit while they put on or take off their shoes.
  • Include a stylish mirror on the wall for last-minute touchups before heading out the door.

add some colour to upgrade your living room

Add Some Colour

Get creative with your bathroom, bedroom, and living room colours. Muted and soft palettes, like combinations of white, light grey, and woody tones, can make any space look clean and luxurious. Blue tones create calm, stabilizing effects, while green signifies harmony and renewal — just in time for the New Year! If you want to brighten your space but can’t paint the walls, look for furniture and wall art with bold colour accents, such as yellow or orange chairs, paintings, cushions, or lamps.

Check out how Maddie Clarke Interiors uses these colour-coordinating strategies to make a bedroom and living room come to life in our beautifully-renovated Cobalt one-bedroom apartment.

Use these rental-friendly upgrade ideas to liven up your Accora Village apartment this New Year. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your space your own so that you can feel rejuvenated and uplifted for the coming months. For more information about our available rental units, or if you want more tips for styling your apartment, contact us today!